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The UP Values

Ultimate Phitness is not a weight-loss program, it's a holistic approach to becoming healthier and feeling better. Through our Customized Online Nutrition Programs, you will learn that making lifelong changes to improve the way you look and feel is actually a very simple science. The equation looks like this: Positive mindset + good nutrition + plenty of movement + recovery time = huge changes to how you look and feel! With these tools and our guidance, you'll change your life for the long haul and get the results you're looking for.





Meet the Team

Miles Carrington

Founder-CEO / NASM-Master Trainer,PES,CES,FNS

When Miles lost his father to diabetes in 2012, he felt as though proper education on diet and fitness would have saved his father's life. This helped ignite a passion to help others find a balanced lifestyle. Miles spends much of his time in and out of the gym. Being outdoors hiking,snowboarding, and surfing keeps him active. He also enjoys spending time with his two sons. Miles' qualifications alone reflect how deeply he believes in full lifestyle health. As a NASM Master Trainer, he has branches of certification that include FNS, CPT, CES, and PES. Competitive body building keeps him working on clean eating and methods like muscular confusion to build relative and absolute strength.

Jamie Hipp

COO / NASM-Certified Personal Trainer

Jamie suffered the loss of her father to diabetes at the age of 11, which caused her mental and physical health to decline. She has dealt with bouts of depression and anxiety since then. Over the years she has learned the importance of nutrition and physical fitness and the connection it has with her mental health. In 2013, she lost her 17 year old nephew to suicide. This devastation helped ignite a passion to spread awareness of mental health and the importance of paying attention to it. As a single parent of two teenage girls, she values having the energy and mental stability to spend time with her family. She understands that overall wellness comes with a full lifestyle change and wants to help others make exercise and nutrition a simple science.

A note from the founders and trainers:

We believe that the number one factor to success is having the proper mindset. We both learned early on through personal experience that your thoughts will and do create your reality. It's up to us whether that's a positive and negative outcome. The day your life turns around is the day that you decide that you won't settle for anything you don't want, desire or deserve. Within the blink of an eye you can start the change. Instead of going nowhere slowly, be determined to live your dreams and effect the change you want to see. Ultimate Phitness is not just about looking and feeling the way you want to through fitness and nutrition, it's about cultivating a mindset that leads to success in all facets of your life. So, what are you waiting for? Let's do this!

- Miles and Jamie

"Instead of going nowhere slowly, be determined to live your dreams and effect the change you want to see."

Whether you are looking to bulk up, detox, or lose fat, we have a meal plan for you to meet your exact needs.