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In 2012, I stood helplessly and watched as my Father died a very slow death as a result of type 2 Diabetes. That experience affected me at my core. I experienced a wide range of emotions as you can imagine but I distinctly remember being Angry. Angry at him for not taking better care of himself, Angry for making me have to endure that horrible experience.

It was at that moment that I realized that a simplified straight forward
education on nutrition and fitness could have prevented this and saved my Father’s life. This helped ignite a passion in me, not only to Educate Myself, but to simplify what I’ve learned and help others along their journey toward better health and a better quality of life through education.

I truly care about each of my clients. I am committed to helping you make life long changes to your nutrition and I will guide you every step of the way.

If you are affected by obesity or care for individuals affected or if you or someone you love is struggling to lose weight, enroll today in one of our Customize Online Nutrition Programs. Together we DO make a difference.

NASM-Master Trainer,PES,CES,FNS / Online Nutrition Coach