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Personal Plans

Personal Plans

UP makes Healthy Living a
very simple habit.

UP offers a variety of meal plans easy to prepare that are accurately designed around your body type, needs, goals, and preferences.

You are able to switch plans at any time to give yourself variety.

We show you that eating for your goals doesn’t have to be boring or complicated

My Moves Work Outs for Faster Results

Workout Planner | Over 700 workouts to choose from |
Detailed Videos to coach you through your transformation

Just about everyone could
benefit from a Nutritionist but
not everyone can afford one.

Our UP programs bring you
scientifically designed and
proven diet plans  starting at
less than 15₵ a day

Our UP online programs are
portioned to your unique
individual needs.

Whether it’s losing weight, bulking
up, or learning to eat healthy, with
UP you can always find a meal plan
that is easy to prepare and follow
down to that last pinch of salt!

Every fad fades; UP isn’t here for a
quick fix or a moment of stardom.

UP helps you make life-long changes
for life-long results, and we have the
highest accredited nutritionists to
make sure that happens.

UP wants you to understand why certain foods are better or how a  workout is building muscle.

But we get it, not everyone got an “A” in Biology or Anatomy.

We keep it a simple science for you; so you can understand the reason behind the rhyme

Easily track your results to keep you motivated

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    My Meals screen

    Your plan is displayed with options to exchange foods for preferences

  • null

    My Log screen

    Keep a food and exercise journal, sync with fitbit and supported wearables

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    Workout Planner

    Plan and track your workout schedule in a list or a calendar view.

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    Exercise Database

    Find your favorite exercises from our database of nearly 1,000 exercise videos.

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    Exercise Details

    Watch videos of each exercise movement and follow instructions, sets, reps, weight, speed, distance and etc

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    My Goal screen

    Keep track of your weight changes and goals

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    Today’s Summary screen

    Gives you a summary of today’s activities and totals

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    Receive daily fit tips and inspirational messages

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    Grocery List screen

    View and manage your healthy food list for shopping

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    Bar Code Scanner

    Add custom foods easily from nutritional labels

Choose your goal and we'll do the rest.

Lose Fat

Looking to lose that 10-20 lbs of extra weight? We can help you lean out and build the right definition.


Have you plateaued? Optimize
your health at your current weight
and activity.

Bulk Up

Looking to add more muscle or get conditioned for a sport? We know what meals you need to get ripped.


Struggling with making a change to the way you look and eat? We can make you thin in a healthy way with lasting results.

Ultimate Phitness - Pricing Options

My Moves Workout Videos Included in All Plans For Faster Results

Ultimate Phitness Pass Pricing

Bronze 90 Day $14.98/mo ($44.95/ 3 mo)


Silver 90 Day $19.98/mo ($59.95/ 3 mo)


Gold 90 Day $24.98/mo ($74.95/ 3 mo)


Ultimate Phitness Club Pricing Subscribe and Save Anytime

One Time Activation Fee $25.00 usd
Includes FREE activation for family members and friends add-ons

Bronze $9.95/mo


Silver $14.95/mo


Gold $19.95/mo


Both UP Pass and UP Club memberships are offered in 3 levels of access. Each level comes with different meal templates Bromwich to choose. Our most popular plans are included with our entry level bronze membership. Our silver packages adds, for example. our JumpStarts Wich give you ahead start in the first 14-21 days of your journey. If you need more specialized plans, check out our gold package. Scroll below to see Wich group works best for you. You can always change your plan as your needs change

Choose Your Plan


Pass $14.98 (monthly)
Club $9.95 (monthly)


Pass $19.98 (monthly)
Club $14.95 (monthly)


Pass $24.98 (monthly)
Club $19.95 (monthly)

30 Day Healthy Weight Loss persnl persnl persnl
Allergy – Chicken Egg persnl persnl persnl
Allergy – Cow Milk persnl persnl
Allergy – Fish I Shell Fish persnl
Allergy – Peanut persnl
Allergy – Pine Nut persnl
Anti Aging persnl persnl persnl
Asian Explosion persnl persnl
Athletic Training persnl persnl
Cancer Prevention persnl persnl
Child – Healthy Growing Habits 9-13 y persnl
Child – Healthy Habits 4-8 years persnl
Child – Healthy Start 2-3 years persnl
Child – Healthy Teens 14-18 years persnl
Child – Low Cholesterol 9-18 years persnl
Detox Women 3.4 Day, Fruit persnl persnl persnl
Detox Women 14 Day, Lean Meat persnl persnl persnl
Detox Women 14 Day, Vegetarian persnl persnl persnl
Detox Women 21 Day Jump Start, Fruit persnl persnl
Detox Women 21 Day J S, Lean Meat persnl persnl
Detox Women 21 Day J S, Veggie persnl persnl
Detox Men 14 Day, Fruit persnl persnl persnl
Detox Men 14 Day, Lean Meat persnl persnl persnl
Detox Men 14 Day, Vegetarian persnl persnl persnl
Detox Men 21 Day J S, Lean Meat persnl persnl
Detox Men 21 Day Jump Start, Veggie persnl persnl
Gluten Free persnl persnl persnl
Healthy Soy persnl
Heart Disease Prevention persnl
Heart Healthy Living persnl persnl persnl
High Fiber persnl persnl
Immune Booster persnl
Intermittent Fasting – 16:8 persnl
Intermittent Fasting – 5:2 persnl
Intermittent Fasting – Alternate Day persnl
Ketogenic persnl
Kosher persnl persnl persnl
Lactose Intolerant persnl persnl persnl
Lean and Tone Physique persnl persnl
Low Carb – All American persnl persnl persnl
Low Carb – Fast Food persnl persnl persnl
Low Carb – Hispanic persnl persnl persnl
Low Carb – Italian persnl persnl persnl
Low Carb Lifestyle persnl persnl persnl
Low Cholesterol persnl persnl
Low Glycemic persnl
Low Sodium Stroke Prevention (DASH) persnl
Mediterranean persnl
Moms – Healthy Breastfeeding persnl
Moms – Post Pregnancy Hormone persnl
Balance persnl
Moms – Post Pregnancy Weight Loss persnl
Moms – Prenatal persnl
Muscle Builder persnl persnl
North Beach Phase One persnl persnl
North Beach Phase Two persnl persnl
On The Go persnl persnl persnl
Organic Low Carb persnl persnl
Organic Low Fat persnl persnl
Osteoporosis Prevention persnl persnl
Paleo Lifestyle persnl persnl
Stable Blood Sugar persnl persnl
Sustained Energy persnl persnl persnl
Vegan Lifestyle persnl persnl
Vegetarian Lifestyle persnl persnl persnl
Wheat Sensitivity persnl persnl persnl
Women’s Healthy Aging persnl persnl persnl

I love how easy it is to follow the recipes

Mary Jane Miller MT


The first 2 weeks were a bit rough but now I really see the benefits to stick to the regime. I have so much energy, even my kids have noticed it.

Primo Rodriguez CA


It took me a couple of tries to follow the meal plans but after seeing the results I now follow them religiously.

Ana Briati NY