97 Motivational Strategies For Completing Your New Year’s Resolutions

97 Motivational Strategies For Completing Your New Year’s Resolutions

When it comes to completing your New Year’s resolutions, it’s essential that you set yourself up for success. Here are 97 motivational strategies for completing them, and are a great way to make sure that you’re on track.

  1. Write down your goals.
  2. Create a fitness action plan.
  3. Devise a desirable reward.
  4. Set a completion date.
  5. Enter a competition.
  6. Enter a competition amongst your friends.
  7. Put up motivational quotes all over your house.
  8. Write “Every Day is a New Battle” on your bathroom mirror.
  9. Post your favorite fitness role model on your refrigerator.
  10. Think about what drives you forward.
  11. Type “Your Character is Your Destiny” on your screensaver.
  12. Think about the people that inspire you.
  13. Practice core strength by using a stability ball for a chair.
  14. Do some crunches in between emails on your stability ball chair.
  15. Buy a nice wardrobe that will fit you in two months.
  16. Donate all your clothes that don’t fit.
  17. Give yourself reasonable rewards.
  18. Think about the experiences you’ve had that have brought you to this point.
  19. Buy some fitness magazines.
  20. Read “how to” fitness articles.
  21. Join a fitness web blog.
  22. Read transformation stories.
  23. Be thankful for the amount of weight you’ve already lost.
  24. Find a supportive fitness group.
  25. Hang around with fit friends.
  26. Surround yourself with people and things that promote a healthy lifestyle.
  27. Find a running partner.
  28. Inspire your own partner to run with you.
  29. Create fitness goals with your partner.
  30. Make a workout and diet log.
  31. Personalize your journal by adding inspirational quotes and pictures.
  32. Document your progress with weight, body fat, and blood pressure measurements.
  33. Attend a bodybuilding/fitness show.
  34. Talk to competitors and pros that live for fitness.
  35. Ask your role models what motivates them.
  36. Take a chance and email your role model through their website.
  37. Take a supplement for physical gains, as well as the mental placebo effect.
  38. Drink some coffee.
  39. Drink more coffee.
  40. Date someone more fit than you.
  41. Date someone who inspires you.
  42. Think about everything you’ll be able to do when you achieve your goals.
  43. Shave your body so you can see all your muscles.
  44. Tan your body so you can see all the lines and contours of your muscles.
  45. Take a trip to the beach.
  46. Hire a trainer.
  47. Become a trainer.
  48. Look like a trainer.
  49. Challenge yourself by reaching beyond your goals.
  50. Buy new athletic shoes.
  51. Buy a new workout outfit.
  52. Buy clean, new, and comfortable socks.
  53. Wear really bright colors to the gym.
  54. Take a group exercise class.
  55. Attend a spinning class for really intense cardio.
  56. Take a yoga or pilates class for variety and core strength.
  57. Drink an energy drink.
  58. Plan a vacation where you have to wear a swimsuit.
  59. Read Lance Armstrong’s biography.
  60. Envision your workout during your warm up.
  61. Focus on the workout, one set at a time.
  62. Treat yourself with kindness.
  63. Explore your consciousness.
  64. Experiment on how much you can make yourself sweat.
  65. Make it a goal to be the fittest person in the weight room – or any room for that matter.
  66. Test your max on pushups and pull-ups.
  67. Take a walk outside.
  68. Try a form of exercise that you haven’t before.
  69. Watch Ronnie Coleman videos.
  70. Read articles by Arnold Schwarzenegger.
  71. Buy a home exercise bike or treadmill.
  72. Become the inspiration amongst your friends.
  73. Help someone who is overweight or wants to gain muscle.
  74. Place your alarm clock across your bedroom so that you have to get up to turn it off in the morning.
  75. Put your athletic shoes right next to your alarm clock.
  76. Place a quote right next to your alarm clock with your favorite affirmation on it.
  77. Set up alarms on your cell phone to give you daily reminders to eat, work out, and be grateful.
  78. Volunteer your time with people who don’t have full function of their bodies.
  79. Volunteer your passion for fitness at a YMCA.
  80. Look up new, healthy recipes to cook.
  81. Search for exciting restaurants to eat at.
  82. Find something unique that motivates you.
  83. Read strength training articles.
  84. Learn a new exercise technique like kettlebell training.
  85. Turn off your TV and run.
  86. Buy a new iPod and put some high energy workout songs on it.
  87. Buy new workout devices like a heart rate monitor or pedometer.
  88. Work out at a different gym.
  89. Work out at a different time of day.
  90. Work out using all new exercises.
  91. Vary your cardio by incorporating High Intensity Training.
  92. Start meditating.
  93. Buy a water bottle that keeps track of how much you’re drinking.
  94. Cut out alcohol.
  95. Cut out caffeine.
  96. Think about your sleeping patterns.
  97. Implement action after you train.

Setting the right goals

At Ultimate Phitness, we’re all about setting goals. Feel free to make an appointment with our team if you’re ready to start feeling motivated to complete your new year’s resolutions. We hope that you have a wonderful holiday season and wish you the best of luck in 2022!

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