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why works

UP combines the science & support needed
to help you achieve healthier eating habits that
ensures long term success.






With change is
closer than you think

No more guessing and reading labels, UP meal plans do everything for you

UP meal plans and workouts are scientifically designed by our team of doctors and health coaches.

We talk your language and understand the challenges the more you stick with UP the
UPPER you’ll feel

Whether you are looking to bulk up, detox, or lose fat, we have affordable meal plans and workout training videos for you to meet your exact needs and goals.

UP formulates your personalized, program
based on Cals/Protein/Fats/Carbs your body needs
to meet your specific goals

Lose Weight | Build Muscle | Maintenance

My Moves Work Outs for Faster Results

My Moves is a collection of videos that can help you reach your ideal weight and fitness goals faster, over 700 workouts available to you on desktop and mobile app

for business

Save time creating
evidence-based meal plans
for your clients.

Take your weight loss program to the
next level. Deliver your nutrition program
to customers using our web and mobile

Our meal plans provide your
clients the nutrition support they
need to reach their health goals.

Give more value to your services
offering our diet plans and
workout routines.

Meal planning tools assist
Health Coaches in their role as
supportive mentors.

Provide customized health & wellness plans as benefits

Offer clients an extension of your health & wellness services

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Our UP Store is designed for the overachievers or just that extra kick

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