About Us

Meet the founder of Ultimate Phitness, Miles Carrington. After watching his father suffer and pass away from Type II diabetes, Miles recognized the importance of a healthy lifestyle. This experience ignited a passion in him to create a resource for people to help them achieve a better, healthier quality of life. 

We believe a healthy and fit lifestyle is not just ideal, but imperative. Everyone deserves the ability to perform at their highest level of function in every aspect of life, while looking and feeling their absolute best. That’s why Ultimate Phitness was created. We’ve made it our mission here at Ultimate Phitness to provide all the tools you may need along the way to creating the best possible version of yourself.

Adopting a healthier lifestyle isn’t always easy. It is a decision you have to keep making for yourself every single day. And while only you can make that decision, you can count on UP for comfortable, stylish apparel and clean, high-quality supplements designed to fuel everyone from those just looking to step up their nutrition, to top-performing athletes.